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30 Sep 2014
Kevin winge

Whenever i travel not in the, i inevitably end up in talks about president.Everyone i been greeted by in my travels this year knew about george bush, but they really wanted to speak about barack obama.And, here's some of the pop quiz.Can you name the leaders of two of the nations i been here in 2008, or simply?

Too sturdy?O. k, We will get backOn that question later. Let try kindOf closer to home. Who is the pmOf Canada?If you correctly regarded stephen harper well done.Therefore, to be able to bonus round. Who has emerged as the leaderOf Liberal Party and quite likely the country next pm?Throw in the towel? It a hardcoreOne, I am awareOf.

I would have paid little in order to recent press reports about michael ignatieff rise to power in canada had i not been fortune enough to be one of his students at harvard kennedy school.Six issue, mister.Ignatieff was teaching a class called human rights and cosmopolitan politics.His course was introducing students to the history of the momentous change(Human liberties)In the moral framework governing world-Wide relations.Although no specifications were required, mister.Ignatieff suggested some study of history or moral philosophy would be a good choice for the class.

How stimulating, i believed.At an occasion when many leaders seemed to have little sense of history, and even less of a moral compass to steer them, here was a professor placing human rights within a beautiful and moral framework, while balancing that with the very real money market understanding the public policy dilemmas that can come from that.

Michael ignatieff led the class through talks on issues like the death penalty, reproductive:Rights, female lips mutilation, and the social task of corporations producing oil, diamonds and delicious chocolate bar.He situated hiv/aids, not just as a public health issue, but as a burglar alarm risk and, of course, a simple human rights issue.

Although i didn always go along my professor, i was astounded by mr.Ignatieff deep intelligence, his broad experience, his polite persona, well intentioned style, and his endless need to know.In addition, it was michael ignatieff deal with the moral imperatives that must accompany many policy decisions that left me wishing he would leave academic life for public office.I wished he were american so might hold office in this country.

Michael ignatieff surely knows the names of the leaders i pointed out in my opening pop quiz.He knows nicolas sarkozy as us web design manager of france(Not as carla bruni spouse).He may not know that kgaleme molanthe is the acting lead designer of south africa, but he knows that molanthe is the bridge between former president thabo mbeki and the presumptive president, john zuma.But despite the fact that mr.Ignatieff only knows that obama is the president elect of the, it wouldn surely matter to me.What matters is that our neighbor to the north has enable you to chose, as their leader for the particular, a brilliant man with a moral compass.

Globally needs more leaders like michael ignatieff.His is a name worth talking about.Commenters is required to follow our terms of use.

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