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26 Sep 2014
Attempting to find gloves that are warm and work with the iphone

In need of gloves that are warm and work with the iphone/ipod.

The fall of 20, 2010 5:04 AM rss

I'm trying to buy some warm gloves that hopefully will work with the iphone.In my internet search there seem to be lot of brands that work in different ways but few reviews.These are gifts and i need both a man's and a woman's glove and, since both North Face UK: people live in cold climates, i want ones where their fingers can stay covered when they operate their iphone.Can anyone point me to overview of these gloves or have any experience to share?

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I just got a set agloves.They are just plain regular knit gloves with silver threads running through them, which allow them work on a touch screen.They work all right on my iphone, but they may not be quite as warm as regular gloves.After some duration ago i got a pair of dots, possess little metal dots on the forefinger and thumb.Many are a little warmer than the agloves, but they don't work quite as well you need to tap the screen just right.For one tap here or that as well as, these websites fine, except for typing etc.The agloves are more desirable.

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I was at the nordstrom rack a while as North Face UK Outlet well as tried on and then used my itouch.They worked very well but as it was inside the store, i don't know if they'd be warm enough.I saw these when i was looking up the ones i tried on;I would expect north face gloves to be sufficiently warm.

Created by cooker girl at 5:41 AM on december 20, 2010

Ars technica also liked North Face Cheap Sale artemis devices' itouch devices.

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Isotoner has smart touch gloves possess something on the fingertips for using the iphone, but i've not tried them on to see how warm they are.They should be available in most department shops though.

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My home is a really cold climate and i use hobo gloves.Those that have a fingerless glove inside a mitten like this.Mine are a thick knit wool and are easily warm enough for very day wear down to 10 degrees but you can use them with fleece inside for even colder.The thumbs have a flap that implies stick just the tip end of your thumb out and that's how i use the phone.Works a lot better than a thin glove which would make my hands freezing all the time.

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