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23 Sep 2014
Language of ancient greece mythology Pandora Jewellery UK

Prometheus was the titan god of focus.His father Pandora Bracelets Cheap were iapetus his dad and themis his mother.Prometheus created man out of clay.Prometheus and didn't get on well.When the gods were having a special feast he stole the meat and gave it to those on earth.Prometheus also took fire from the heavens and gave it to people in a fennel stalk for them to cook food to survive.

Zeus was so mad he ordered hephaestus to produce a pandora a woman who would bring bad fortune into people's homes, and Pandora Bracelets Sale to rid earth of good tones.The worst part of prometheus' punishment was that was connected to a stake on mount kauasos where a vulture or eagle came each day to eat his regenerating liver.Roughly a thousand years later the hero herakles killed the eagle and freed prometheus.

The good qualities of prometheus are that he brought many useful what you should the humans.He authored them out of clay.He was also the only titan to affiliate with zeus and the gods.Some bad qualities are that he took things without choice.Prometheus was in fact mischievous.Prometheus is described Pandora Wood Beads as kind, smart, and handy.His purpose was to create mankind and provide the humans with things so as to prosper.His only success was making the human race, he is simply known for that.Prometheus is a member of pandora, zeus, hephaestus, additionally herakles.His main symbol was a torch because he is the giver of fire.

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